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ActivePure Air & Surface Pro by Vollara

Designed specifically for you

ActivePure Air & Surface Pro

by Vollara

ActivePure Technology is the safest and fastest-acting, continuous solution that minimizes recontamination and cross contamination in real-time on surfaces and in the air.Originally developed for NASA, years of research and development have resulted in products that are safe, proven, effective, and certified.

ActivePure Technology does not use chemicals or ozone and is safe for use in occupied indoor spaces. Our customized solution was uniquely designed for our space.

What does this mean for you? 99.99% reduction of viruses, bacteria and mold on surfaces and in the air

Minimized risk of contamination, cross-contamination and recontamination Continuous disinfection of exposed surfaces and the air in real-time Peace of mind knowing that you are protected within our location If you’d like to learn more about ActivePure Technology, visit

They also have products designed to keep you safe at home. If would like to watch this video it would explain in detail about the safe air machine.

If you would also like to purchase your own ActivePure Air purifier click on the button below.





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